ADonIs Complex Sample

by Sojo Rrraws

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Sample from an Untitled track on my upcoming project, ADonIs Complex.


I am more than just a sinner
I am an Enigma

Eyes on a nigga
Got my four upon the etchelon
Balls in my hand like ya boy bout to catch em all

Catch me mid movement doing any move to make it
Stay baking, like I'm all about my bacon
Ya playing with ya pockets
When you need to find your conscience
Everybody wanna rock it
but you know they closed the rocket
Whats boppin
Fuck logic
I was almost on a plane and instead I went to college
Prolly could've had my lane but you know just how i got it
And off topic
I just wanna take a tour through the tropics
Where the bops boppins
Tops topless
Cars and the hoes flocking
As the flows dropping
Get it bouncin like binya,

More than just a sinner
I am an Enigma

They eyes on a nigga
And I'm headed to the upper etchelon,

I just gotta make it out of fuckin babylon

Cause they just wanna know how complex adonis
Problem is, I wrote that in ah-bhed
Nah mean, me and my niggas coming
from the slums where they gun it
like a marching band
Drum clips in they hands,
Tommy gun runner ups fuckin up plans
Play my anthem and see who gon dance
Cause I aint never scured
My word is bond nigga
My hood on yo head


released October 3, 2013
Hanabi Instrumental Produced By Caleb Sarikey



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